It’s not always easy to believe some of the cases that the Winchesters take on in “Supernatural.” We’ve dealt with some crazy stuff over the last 11 or so years, including bugs, Gods, monsters, and the Stickman. Well, this week gets even crazier, as the Winchesters head to a Small Town that holds a dark secret. The “Supernatural” season 12, Episode 18 promo shows that they will come up against a goat.

Another filler episode for 'Supernatural'

One thing is for certain about this week’s episode. It’s not going to continue the storyline of the British Men Of Letters. Why should it when the writers made the biggest mistake ever to create surprise and excitement for the show?

Instead, the British Men of Letters have a typical bad guy storyline that can wait for a couple of weeks to progress further.

“Supernatural” season 12, episode 18 is going to focus on a filler episode about a “goat dude,” as Dean chooses to call him. It’s unclear whether this “goat dude” is a God or just someone dressed up to create fear in the town. Think of it like “The Village,” where it turned out the creepy creature was just one of the townsmen causing fear to keep the members in line.

The Winchesters don’t know what to believe

It’s clear that the Winchesters aren’t sure what they should believe this week. They want to believe that it’s something supernatural, but know that it may be some weird town ritual.

At one point they ask about a God sacrifice, and it turns out that the town may be worshipping a devil or a God.

This isn’t the first time “Supernatural” has focused on sacrifices for gods. In season 1 there was a storyline that involved a pagan God that took the form of a scarecrow and killed a man and woman every year. Other gods from various religions turned up in seasons 3 and 5, so including a goat god wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary.

A sacrifice for Lucifer

Another option is that this episode will actually push the story of Lucifer’s baby forward in “Supernatural.” While most of the world has no idea, it’s no secret that Lucifer is attempting to get out of the chains that Crowley has put him in. Demons may be working together in various parts of the world to get Lucifer out in time for the birth of his spawn.

“Supernatural” season 12, episode 18 will air on Thursday night at 8pm on the CW. It was written by John Bring and directed by Phil Sgriccia. What do you think the Winchesters will face when they come up against the "goat dude?"