It's become commonplace for cable news panels to become heated when supporters of Donald Trump clash with those who oppose him. On Thursday night, that tension was taken to a new level, with a prominent host stepping in before abruptly ending the program.

CNN implodes

Ever since Donald Trump decided to run for president back in June 2015, the landscape of American politics has changed. Part of that change can be seen on a daily basis across social media and on cable news, where the former host of "The Apprentice" and his policies are front and center to dominate the news cycle.

In recent memory, there's never been a more controversial and polarizing political figure than Trump, which has resulted in increased backlash, while those who support him continue to stand by his side regardless of the situation at hand. On Thursday morning, Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord appeared on CNN along with liberal activist Symone Sanders. The segment was going as expected until Lord declared the president the "Martin Luther King of health care." At this point, Sanders, an African-American, fired back at Lord in what would become a heated exchange between the two. Fast forward to the April 13 edition of "CNN Tonight with Don Lemon" later that night which didn't go much better.

(First part of the segment in the above video.)

During Thursday night's program on CNN, host Don Lemon welcomed a panel which included Symone Sanders, Bakari Sellers, Salena Zito, and a returning Jeffrey Lord.

The segment highlighted the aforementioned comments made earlier in the day, which didn't sit well with the panel, as well as the host. As the conversation came to a close, Lemon and Lord clashed.

(Closing part of the segment in the above video.)

"I think you’re very ill-informed," Don Lemon said to Jeffrey Lord, before adding, "We don’t live in a colorblind society." As Lemon pressed him to further explain himself, Lord continued to push his talking points while telling a story about his father from the civil rights era.

"Answer the question now!" Lemon shouting, before adding, "I don’t want to hear about stuff from 50 goddamn years ago!"

Heated closing

When the show returned from a break, the tension did not ease, with Jeffrey Lord accusing Don Lemon of "talking liberal." At this point, Lemon scolded Lord, explaining, "Dr. King means something different to the people here than he means to you.

He wasn't a tactic for us." "For you to come on and give some reckless comparison to his work and his legacy..."Lemon said, as Lord attempted to cut him. Ending the segment, the CNN host said, “Goodnight, we’re done. Goodnight, we’re done" as the show came to an end. This isn't the first time that supporters of the billionaire real estate mogul have clashed with hosts and contributors on CNN, and it's not likely to be the last.