We are all familiar with the story of "Star Wars," where the heroic Jedi and their allies fight off the oppressive rule of a Sith Lord bent on conquering the galaxy, or destroying it if someone puts up a fight. The first film, released back in 1977, did a fantastic job of introducing a collection of characters including a young farm boy whose destiny would end up beyond his wildest dreams. After the destruction of the first Death Star, thanks to the plans stolen by a team of rebels, it still wasn't enough to stop Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader from trying again, this time from behind a shield generated from the forest moon of Endor.

As Kylo Ren stated in "The Force Awakens," he is bent on "finishing" what Darth Vader started. In this way, he was foreshadowing what will apparently happen in "Star Wars Episode 8." By the end of "The Empire Strikes Back," The rebellion was in disarray, and the empire was about to strike them down. This will apparently happen again, according to writer and director Rian Johnson.

The Order sees opportunity in chaos and will use it

By the end of "The Force Awakens," Finn was practically left for dead as Han Solo met a more permanent fate. Rey had just delivered a lightsaber back to its owner Luke Skywalker after the Starkiller Base was destroyed. This was all setting up for what is to come, Johnson explained, as the death of the Republic's seat has thrown the galaxy into chaos.

Johnson says the Starkiller Base was a big loss despite taking out the seat of the Republic. The First Order will be jumping on the opportunity spawned in chaos at the beginning of the next movie, leading to a very "dire" situation. Considering the title of "Episode 8," it appears Rey might be at the center of their next move as she trains under Luke Skywalker, as seen in the latest trailer.

Having escaped from Kylo Ren's guards by use of a Jedi mind trick, it may be obvious to him that she is a bigger threat than he'd originally thought.

Finn is still alive, but what is his role?

John Boyega's ex-stormtrooper character had been seen engaging in a major act of heroism, facing Kylo Ren with a lightsaber in hand while apparently lacking the skill to use it effectively.

He'd been struck down and left for dead, but trailer footage has revealed that he's not done yet. His eyes are shut as he appears to be rocketing through space, meaning he's either unconscious as he's being rushed to where he can get the help he needs, or he's attempting to focus and possibly channel the Force.

It has been revealed that "Episode 8" will delve further into Rey's parentage as well.

What do you think? Is "Star Wars 8" heading in the right direction?