If you missed Saturday's episode of "Saturday Night Live", then you missed out on the hilarious Melissa McCarthy's return as Sean Spicer. Not only did McCarthy reprise her role as the White House press secretary for the third time but she also did it dressed in an Easter Bunny costume. The sketch was all about Spicer apologizing and explaining Passover, while dressed as the Easter Bunny. To say it was hilarious is an understatement, it was laugh out loud funny. If you missed it, you can check out the entire sketch in the video below.

A message from the White House Easter Bunny

The sketch comedy, which was actually titled "A Message From The White House Easter Bunny," did not disappoint fans of Melissa McCarty or her portrayal of Sean Spicer. In keeping in line with the events of the past week, the sketch was an apology from 'Spicer', who actually has been a White House Easter bunny in the past, and an explanation of Passover with puppets.

In true form, McCarthy did not miss a beat as she delivered great one liners such as "You all got your wish this week, Spicey finally made a mistake." Another great line included getting a jab in at United Airlines for their recent bad publicity: "At least they didn't have to fly United am I right?"

After the apology and puppet Passover explanation, there is the laugh on the ground exit from the press conference that jokes about the President bombing North Korea and crashing the entire press set.

Again it is a performance that only Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer could deliver.

Third time is a charm

The third time was definitely a charm for Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on "Saturday Night Live" the other night. In a first ever for the show, McCarthy did the skit live, but from Los Angeles, not from Studio H in New York City.

It was not prerecorded and it was live from La La Land.

It is becoming very clear that the powers that be at "Saturday Night Live" have found comedy gold in their Sean Spicer sketches. Whether it is him going after a press member with a podium or a leaf blower, the comedy is off the charts thanks to McCarthy and the writers.

If things keep going as is it with the White House press secretary, then this is one character the SNL is not going to put on the back burner.

Melissa McCarthy is set to host "Saturday Night Live" on May 13th. Here's hoping she will bring Sean Spicer back again. Until then, let us know what you think of SNL and their new Spicer sketches featuring McCarthy.