Adam Driver shocked fans looking scary skinny recently. But before you panic, check out Interview magazine's most recent issue. Driver spills secrets on his massive weight loss and a rather bizarre feature photo shoot proves that the buff Kylo Ren has his "Star Wars" sexy back. What's up with "The Force Awakens" bad guy?

Adam Driver speaks out on 'Silence'

Driver was cast for a part in "Silence" that required extreme weight loss. The role was of Father Francisco Garrpe, a 17th century Jesuit missionary who faces persecution and hardship traveling to Japan.

Ironically, fellow cast member Liam Neeson similarly freaked fans out with weight loss not long ago and his was for the same reason. Neeson played Father Cristóvão Ferreira in the movie. Ciarran Hinds and Andrew Garfield portrayed other missionaries in the group.

Adam Driver dishes on starvation diet

Driver said that director Martin Scorsese warned the actors that he would expect them to lose a lot of weight. So the men knew some rigorous dieting was in order to get as deathly thin as Jesuit missionaries were. None of the actors are obese or even overweight but each had to pare down to emaciated. They basically worked all day and starved themselves for several months. Driver is used to grueling workouts from his days in the Marines.

But military training didn't prepare him for this. The 33-year-old says he's taken off weight for roles before but never 50 pounds as he did in "Silence." The exhaustion from long work days coupled with lack of food was the hardest.

Photos reassure that Adam Driver is healthy again

His Interview magazine interview included a weird photo shoot that was almost as shocking as the weight loss.

He's shown in a filthy bathroom using the toilet, apparently drowned in a tub of water and putting a razor blade to his eye. But the pictures did at least prove that the extreme anorexia diet did no lasting damage. Driver's muscles are ripped again and his body is nicely fleshed out. He's back as Kylo Ren, psychopathic son of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) in "Star Wars: Episode VIII" coming out in 2017.