"scandal" season 6’s episode 11, titled “Trojan Horse,” will show Cyrus’ rise to the top as he is cleared of charges connected to Frankie’s assassination. It was explained that although Cyrus has claimed the White House for himself, Mellie is still prepared to continue fighting. In the meantime, Olivia’s life is in danger as Cyrus takes his powerful seat at the White House.

The teaser for the next episode suggests that Peus prefers Mellie (B.Young) as the next US president, as Papa Pope (J. Mortin) tells his daughter that "they" will kill her if Cyrus becomes the president.

This is tricky for Olivia, as Cyrus has been declared innocent in Francisco Vargas' murder. He is also likely to get the majority of the votes, as the previous president-elect had him as the vice president-elect.

'Scandal' Episode 11: spoilers and trailer

In the clip, a press conference is shown clearing his name of all charges related to Frankie's (R. Chavira) killing. Both Mellie and Olivia know that it is only a matter of time until Cyrus goes after them. Mellie looks tired but she tells Olivia she is far from giving up. Elsewhere in the chapter, Huck (G. Diaz) is expected to continue recovering from his wound with the aid of his former fling, Quinn (K. Lowes).

In the last episode, Quinn showed her concern for Huck, and this led her fiancé, James (D.

Bucatinsky), to think that she still has feelings for Huck. Additionally, Cornelius Smith Jr.’s Marcus Walker is presumed to return on season 6, episode 11.

News and preview 'Trojan Horse'

Now that Perry’s character is getting out of prison, Mellie Grant’s prospects of getting the Presidential office looks rather dark. Spoilers hint that with Cyrus’ statement, Abby (D.

Stanchfield) will hatch a project to make him the new United States President. In the meantime, Olivia worries about their current position in the votes.

With Cyrus as a free person, the public may lean towards choosing him for President out of sympathy. But Mellie will convince Olivia that she rates to be the next president of the USA.

In the meantime, series creator

In the meantime, series producer Shonda Rhimes admits that she does not know what the end game is for "Scandal" season 6 anymore. In a conversation with The HR, Rhimes explained that they are actually copying what's happening in real life in looks to the events that revolve around the White House. But now, "I used to know how it ended, and then Donald Trump was elected. We had a destination, and I don't know if that's our destination anymore," she concluded.

The episode 11 of "Scandal" season 6 will air on Thursday, April 20 at 9.00 pm EST on ABC.