As has been the case for the last year and a half, "Saturday Night Live" took aim at President Donald Trump during their most recent episode. With Alec Baldwin hosting, various segments mocked the new commander in chief and his administration.

"SNL" on Trump

When "Saturday Night Live" returned from an off week last weekend, they quickly ran several skits focusing on Donald Trump and his administration. In addition to Alec Baldwin playing the part of the billionaire real estate mogul, Melissa McCarthy was tapped to portray White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

The segment with McCarthy instantly went viral, and was considered the highlight of the show. In the days that followed, Trump was unusually quiet in his criticism of the show, with reports stating that the president was upset that Spicer's role was played by a woman. As seen on the February 11 edition of "SNL," Trump and company were once again the focal point and the butt of the joke.

Once again, Melissa McCarthy returned to mock Sean Spicer, trolling the press secretary for his gum chewing. McCarthy went through the president's daily schedule, where she humorously struggled to pronounce the names of foreign leaders. McCarthy then took questions from the press, starting with a "stupid" question for a satirical New York Times reporter.

After being pressed on the "Muslim ban," McCarthy ripped into "Glenn Thrush" before moving to the next the question. The imposer Spicer, who vowed to be calm, started losing "his" cool, using Barbie dolls and action figures to explain the extreme vetting process.

The next part of the skit mocked Kellyanne Conway for referencing the nonexistent "Bowling Green Massacre," with McCarthy also citing terrorist attacks in "Fraggle Rock" and "Six Flags." After a reporter attempted to fact-check the press secretary, "Spicer" sucked up the list of facts with a vacuum before attacking the rest of the media.

Next up

With Donald Trump ending only his first month in office, "Saturday Night Live" is expected to have much more material to work with over the next four years. While Trump has been vocal with his opposition of "SNL" in the past, he has been quiet in recent weeks, but could vent on social media at any moment.