The Palin, Nugent, Kid Rock photo below seems a timeless souvenir of the "make America great again" era, frozen, an artifact. Next down, who is that handsome fellow? Why it's Bill O'Reilly in the 90s. Today, you wonder why one makes advances after the bloom of youth is long gone. Maybe Bill will write a novel about that in the time he now has to do all sorts of new things. My favorite is the Dave Chappelle photo and article from T Magazine which tells me about someone who has the independence anyone on earth can lay claim to and uses it to the hilt.

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Circling the wagons

President Donald Trump has some friends in entertainment. After al he is a TV guy. Wednesday he had a small dinner at the Whitehouse. Sarah Palin, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent were there. After dinner, they were photographed in front of a portrait of former first lady Hillary Clinton in Cross Hall.One photo showed the group mocking Clinton. Kid Rock and Nugent are reportedly considering candidacies for the US Senate in Michigan.

Bill O'Reilly the rest of the story

The work was called "Those Who Trespass: A Novel of Television and Murder" and the hero is modeled on himself.

Sort of. Damningly, sort of. Because the plot is about this guy killing folk in revenge after being fired. Gruesome, inventive, disgusting are all words that come to mind. One can only hope that O'Reilly's brief encounter with the Pope recently imbued him with a little bit of restraint in the revenge department. If you ever wondered about the killing theme of Bill's latest bestsellers, it's all here in lurid strokes.

Dave Chapelle to a T

This is an article you will not want to miss, from the remarkable magazine that contains gems among things only the one percent can even think about.

T is the apotheosis of the New York Times penchant for upward mobility and training the next generation to make it.

Dave has negotiated his career with humanity and attention to the need for independence and freedom from the vagaries and pressures of celebrity. The article is by Kevin Powell who has known Chappelle since he was 19. Powell says Chappelle's freedom to wander the country and set his own schedule has revealed a high degree of empathy. It is empathy with an edge.

When Chappelle hosted SNL after the 2016 election he said to give Trump a chance but emphasized Trump should also give us a chance, with an exclamation point. Powell says Chappelle is a master who combines "the down-home storytelling of Langston Hughes and the comic fearlessness of Richard Pryor and George Carlin." Read the article.