"Fast And Furious 10" is expected to be the end of the franchise, according to producer Neal Moritz, which could mean major changes in the next two films. Rivaling James Bond as the longest running non-horror franchise to date, starting with number 9 (finally beating "Harry Potter"), the end usually always means nothing is sacred anymore. We all know what happened at the end of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," and that was only the sixth film.

The false rumor going around that vin diesel's character died in "Fate" is obviously a lie since Vincent (his birth name) and Dwayne Johnson are expected to return in "Fast 9." Of course, with the end of the franchise, there is a very high possibility that Dominic Toretto could finally end up in a car crash he can't walk away from like he's done several times already.

By the end of "Furious 7" alone, he should have had at least a concussion, as should Ian Shaw (Jason Statham).

The series has already seen a major character's death

As "Furious 7" released, and officially made "Tokyo Drift" a canonic film in the series, we've already seen the death of Han, assassinated in a hit and run in a turn of events which made Ian Shaw the main villain. Shaw did this in retaliation for what Dom and his crew did to his brother Owen (Luke Evans), who had been lying comatose attempting to recover.

It's very possible that Owen will return for another attempt on Dom and the crew, and his brother will be torn over who to side with. If the first movie taught us anything about the series, blood will sway him and the Shaw brothers could end up taking out the rest of Dom's crew, possibly even threatening to go after Brian and Mia.

It's doubtful that the producers will take the story in that direction, as it means potentially upsetting the late Paul Walker's fans, but it can be done without even showing him on screen. All Ian or Owen would have to do is mention Brian or Mia, and Dom would probably fly at him in a murderous rage.

Where will the franchise go in the final two installments?

The series has come a long way. Starting in the stylized underground racing scene of Southern California, characters and cars have come and go. Now the crew has been across the globe, including England, Brazil, India, and other places. Andre Meadows, YouTube's "black nerd," has stated that he wants to see the series go into space for the ultimate silly fun experience.

This could be a stretch, as the franchise does appear to be trying to stay grounded, and cars wouldn't do well in space.

What do you want to see happen when "Fast And Furious 10" ends the series?