Anna Duggar may finally be calling it quits on her "sexless" marriage to Josh Duggar. The young parents of "19 Kids and Counting" have been mired in sex scandals for a while. So why might Mrs. Duggar contemplate divorce now when she vowed to stand by her man? After pedophilia, Ashley Madison accounts, lawsuits, strippers, mistresses, and cheating, has she had enough?

Anna Duggar sick of sex scandal lawsuits

The Duggar family can't use their new reality televsion show "Counting On" for updates. Josh Duggar is persona non gratis at TLC. Last year, the reality televsion star admitted to a sex addiction which included internet porn, and worse.

He admitted to sexual molestation of five young girls, including several of his sisters. When accounts at the Ashley Madison cybercheating website were hacked, Duggar had not one, but two. He stole the image of an L.A. photographer, Matthew McCarthy, who's suing Duggar. He admitted to having sex with stripper Danica Dillon, who also sued him.

Josh fails Anna Duggar on intimacy

Fans of "Counting On" have heard all about how Josh Duggar has hurt Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and his siblings. He lost them their lucrative TLC show "19 Kids and Counting." But the person most hurt is Anna Duggar. The Duggars urged her to stick with her husband. But rarely are the "in sickness and health" vows so tested as in adultery.

Josh dragged Anna and their four young children through one sex scandal after another. His sordid past put Hollywood celebriities to shame. And then there have been the lawsuits. The stripper mistress sued Josh for pain and suffering from his "violent sex." Then there was Ashley Madison fallout and McCarthy suing for identity theft.

After the infidelity, Anna can't have sex with her husband. Sources say she even blamed herself.

Anna Duggar moving on?

Anna may soon be filing papers to initiate divorce with possibly a hefty settlement. Why now? Perhaps the shock and denial have finally worn off and the reality has set in. The "Counting On" family is carrying on, having babies, getting married.

And Anna may feel ostracized or left out. Josh has been in sex rehab (which he didn't complete) and unable to work. He re-opened his used car lot but he's not exactly popular in their hometown. Rumor has it Anna may have to go after Bob and Michelle Duggar to have enough to provide for the kids. But a divorce settlement is the least of anyone's worries. How Anna will heal from all this trauma is the big question. PTSD, anxiety, rage, low self-esteem, guilt, pain, fear of intimacy, and panic attacks, all these and more can cripple a spouse victimized by infidelity. It's a form of sexual assault in and of itself.