Just a few weeks ago, an updated list of the best gyms attackers was published as well as the inclusion of the best defenders and their respective IVs and moves totals. This to give a better performance to the trainers and users in the successful application of "Pokemon GO." However, the players were not entirely satisfied. As you know, taking a specific gym is not at all easy, because, it is not only about taking the gym itself, but to increase the profit rates you need to focus on each Pokémon move set.

An interesting detail to take into account is that the moveset is more important than the IVs, so the attackers must have the moveset recommended to be able to have high a probability of taking certain gyms, otherwise, it would be practically impossible to overcome this great challenge.

Next, we share with you a new in-depth analysis of the best gyms attacker in "Pokémon GO." Let’s see below.

New updated list of the best gym attackers

Recently, the portal Pokémon GO Hub published a new updated list of the best gym attackers, which includes some Pokémon, which are superior to all Pokémon in terms of DPS, survival and clashes.

The Supreme Pokémon

Dragonite has a moveset of Dragon Tail and an interesting outrage of Hurricane, Dragon Pulse, or Dragon Claw. Another Pokemon to take into account is Machamp, because it has an interesting move set to counter with a dynamic punch in close combat. The last of this type of Pokemon is Tyranitar which manages a great move set that includes Bite and Stone Edge.

Glass Cannons

These types of Pokemon are usually as powerful as the supreme attackers of gyms, however, they lack survival at the time of the confrontations. Three of the most important Pokémon of this type are Gengar, Espeon, and Alakazam.


Snorlax and Blissey are good as tanks because they have a high amount of HP. These are especially recommended for defense only.


These types of Pokémon have specific clashes, something that make them superior and also delivers enough damage to the neutral threats to separate them from the Specialists.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.