The Jones family might have more secrets than then the entire town of “Riverdale” combined, and that’s saying something.

If you though Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) biggest secrets involved Harry Potter-esque living conditions and FP’s (Skeet Ulrich) illicit activities, you will have some major shocks coming your way in the back half of “Riverdale”’s freshman run. Sprouse and his cast mates opened up about the teen’s future at WonderCon last weekend, leaving us itching for the next episode.

What is Jughead hiding on ‘Riverdale’?

Although far from omniscient, Jughead kicked off season 1 as “Riverdale”’s intrepid narrator.

He seemed to have his finger on the pulse of that small, syrup-loving hamlet, but everyone from friends to family had him hiding in their blind spot. Now, however, viewers will get to really crack the book on Jughead.

“His family becomes one for the primary narratives for the rest of the season,” Sprouse told Yael Tygiel. “Jughead is like an old automobile in terms of narrative – he starts pretty slow but once he starts picking up speed you can’t stop him because the breaks are off. So his family life and his origin story kind of become one of the main investigations.”

You will not, however, see Jughead’s little sister. Mama Jones decamped to her mothers with little Jellybean when FP began going off the rails (why Jughead was left -- or chose to stay -- behind will hopefully be revealed soon), and the pair won’t make their return anytime soon.

“Not in season 1,” Sprouse teased.

What is FP up to on ‘Riverdale’?

Juggie’s father, on the other hand, will continue to play a major role moving forward. From drugs to arson, FP is knee deep in the muck and mire. Jason Blossom’s murder has the Southside Serpents topping suspect lists across the fandom, but you might want to cut the gangster a little slack.

“I think the whole audience is going to feel sympathetic towards FP as it goes on and on,” Marisol Nichols (Hermione) said. “What I love about our show is that nothing is ever as it seems, especially the adults. They’re way more complicated and twisted than any kid.”

So, who killed Jason Blossom? And how are the Jones’ involved? Find out when “Riverdale” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.