Football quarterback Aaron Rodgers and “Attack of the Show” host and actress Olivia Munn have called an end to their three-year relationship, according to People magazine. The couple was in a relationship since 2014.

Olivia had said in 2015 when she started dating the star, "All I saw was that he was, like, really attractive. I didn't really care what he did," she said. "I was like, you are such a big man!"

Fans surprised by the split news

The split has caught the fourth estate by surprise especially after rumors that the two have become engaged and Munn was seen sporting a big diamond ring on her left-handed ring finger. There are speculations that the “Beyond the Break” actress was embroiled in a bitter feud with Aaron’s family including younger brother Jordan.

Not an amicable separation

Sources have revealed that the separation was not as amicably as it was made out in the press. The breakup was not amicable, and Munn’s dominating nature was too much a deal for Aaron to handle. It was also revealed that the ace quarterback had broken off the relationship and not the other way round. However, this could be untrue given the male chauvinism so dominant in the US fourth estate.

Munn cause of rift in Rodgers family

However, another version of the story puts the blame squarely on the American Football quarterback who started drifting away from his family after his Super Bowl victory in 2011.

He began dating Munn in 2014. However, his family was dead against this relationship and warned that Munn is not with him for the right reasons. The actress gives a damn attitude also did not help much, and every rendezvous with the Aaron family ended in disaster.

The couple was last seen publically together on Valentine Day with the American Football Star carrying a bouquet of flowers.

The couple first met at Country Music award function and started dating in May 2014. The affair was not smooth sailing, and the younger Rodger kid revealed that Munn was the source of a family drama. However both Rodger and Munn maintained a stoic silence on the allegations.

Rodgers has many records under his name, he has the record for highest career passer rating in a regular season with a minimum of 1,500 passing attempts.

Munn started her professional career as a television reporter before becoming an actress. Her upcoming movies are "Ocean's Eight" (2017), "The LEGO Ninjago Movie" and "The Predator" 2018.