Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe's chemistry is undeniably good, making the viewers of their time-travel themed series clamor for more in "Outlander" season 3. The time and era-constrained love story of Jamie and Claire have somewhat captured the hearts of the viewers and many are rooting for their happy ever after despite all the hardships and struggles thrown at them. Fans of the series have been sleuthing around the internet for clues and spoilers for the upcoming season and the latest leaked photos revealed Heughan and Balfe joking around on a set featuring a massive ship which entails speculation that Jamie and Claire might be embarking on a sea voyage.

While fans are excitedly awaiting "Outlander" season 3, contradicting talks about the series cancellation have been circulating as well. Fortunately, executive producer, Matthew Roberts shot down cancellation rumors as he confirmed that he has recently finished writing the script for the third season.

Sam Heughan drops major series spoilers on his Instagram page

According to reports, the alleged leaked on-set photos for "Outlander" were not actually leaked as they were actually posted by Heughan himself on his Instagram account. The said photo showed him and his on-screen partner, Balfe, looking very much like the beautiful vintage couple that they portray in the series.

Understandably, the series is right on schedule for its storyline that it based on Diana Gabaldon's third novel entitled "Voyager." According to reports, the cast and crew of Starz' time-travel themed series have begun traveling to South Africa and Scotland to film seafaring scenes.

While some celebrities find traveling to far-away sets a bit tiring, Balfe is clearly not one of them as she shared in one of her interviews that she is very excited to go back to Cape Town, where she visited ten years ago.

'Outlander' series to end filming by May 2017

Excited fans just can't seem to wait until they can see Jamie and Claire on the small screen once again.

According to reports, filming for "Outlander" season 3 is targeted to be finished by May to give enough time for the post-production stage.

The targeted "Outlander" season 3 air date on Starz is reportedly slated to be within the month of Sept. Meanwhile, talks about a spinoff for the series have also been circulating, which will reportedly feature the Fraser clansmen after the historic battle of Culloden. However, the spinoff news has yet to be confirmed by the showrunners and the network.