For years, some "Outlander" fans have been "shipping" the relationship between Sam Heughan -- who plays Jamie Fraser -- and his co-star, Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire Randall Fraser. Despite the repeated denials by both co-stars, the "shippers" of the show insisted that the two were together.

Recently, Sam Heughan went public with his girlfriend, "The Bold and the Beautiful" actress Mackenzie Mauzy. And, according to a new report from Hall of Fame Magazine (which was confirmed by Hollywood Life), he did this because he was tired of the shippers bullying his girlfriend.

Sam Heughan: shippers have 'shameful' behavior

As has been previously reported, the shippers have gotten completely out of control with their behavior. They'd issued a death threat to William Shatner's public relations representative because they thought she was dating Sam. They've also repeatedly, according to Hall of Fame Magazine, threatened the families and jobs of other cast members, crew members, journalists, and even fans of the show. One shipper even went so far as to contact Sam Heughan's ex-girlfriend and publish all of her private information online -- and then proceeded to encourage other shippers to call her, her family, and her job, and harass her some more.

So when, in November 2016, the word got out that Sam Heughan was dating Mackenzie Mauzy, the shippers went crazy again, and proceeded to incessantly bully and harass her in the same way that they had all the other people that are even remotely associated with him.

But this time, Sam wasn't having it. He immediately got on his Twitter -- and on Mackenzie's Instagram -- to denounce the shippers' "shameful" behavior and demanded that they "stop" their bullying "now," because "I am thoroughly disgusted."

Now, finally, it seems that other journalism outlets are picking up on this atrocious behavior by women who are old enough to know better, and are calling them out for their bullying of Mackenzie, Caitriona's boyfriend Tony McGill, fans of the show, other journalists, crew members, and cast members of "Outlander."

Hall of Fame Magazine put it best when they said that it was time for shippers to realize that Sam Heughan and Jamie Fraser are not one in the same, that Jamie Fraser is a fictional character while Sam Heughan is a real person, and that Sam Heughan was very happy with his real girlfriend, Mackenzie Mauzy.