'Once Upon a Time' fans received a new revelation as Gideon revealed that he wanted to kill the Savior, Emma Swann, because he needed her powers in order to defeat the Black Fairy. Another revelation came when Rumplestiltskin revealed his relationship to the Black Fairy: she is his mother.

Emma and Gideon work together to locate the Black Fairy

The latest episode of 'Once Upon a Time' opened with Gideon disguised as Captain Hook. More of Gideon's history is revealed after he was stolen by the Black Fairy from Belle and Rumplestiltskin shortly after he was born.

He spent 28 years with the Black Fairy where she tortured him and then made him work for her.

Captain Hook is cast into another realm away from Emma, and Emma seeks to retrieve him while trying to locate the Black Fairy and stop her from carrying out her plan. Hook plays cards with Blackbeard in the new realm and tricks him into traveling to where the Jolly Roger is.

While Emma and Gideon try to locate the Black Fairy, Henry and Regina are trying to find a way to stop her too. Henry goes into a trance as the Author. He furiously makes notes in his journal as Regina watches over him. Once Henry comes out of the trance, Regina and Henry visit the previous author to determine what the writing means.

Henry learns more about his powers as the author.

Gideon reveals he tricked Emma into helping him because he still wants to kill her and become the Savior so he can defeat the Black Fairy. He uses a massive spider to wrap Emma in a huge spider web while he escapes with Emma's sword. Rumplestiltskin comes to Emma's rescue and stops Gideon from opening the portal and leaving with the sword.

Captain Hook's plan fails to return him to his realm

Captain Hook and Blackbeard try to return to Hook's realm. It all goes wrong as they end up in the land of the Lost Boys. Blackbeard tries to knock out Hook and escape. The Lost Boys chase Hook.

'Once Upon a Time' offers plenty of flashbacks that include another savior who tried to team up with Gideon to destroy the Black Fairy.

She catches them trying to steal what they need, and she reveals that she's been manipulating them into doing her will.

Is it the end of the story for 'Once Upon a Time?'

Henry and Regina take the previous author to the border of Storybrooke to release him after he explains Henry's powers. He reveals that it's the end of the story for 'Once Upon a Time.'

Emma, Belle, Rumpelstiltskin, and Snow White gather to decide how to stop Gideon. Although the portal only opened briefly, the Black Fairy is free.

Fans will be glad to know that 'Once Upon a Time' has already been renewed for another season, and so it remains to be seen whether or not the character of Storybrook get their happy ending. Another major character is set to depart in the new season so it remains to be seen how this will affect the story.