Hey, "Supergirl" fans. We recently got some new spoilers in for the upcoming episode 19 of the current season 2 from the people over at the CW, and it sounds like things will certainly get real interesting and super intense in this one, because we're going to see Alex get taken by some very vicious kidnappers that actually have no problem with murdering her if they don't get what they want! This, of course, prompts Kara aka Supergirl to jump on the case, but she'll have a little help when Alex's girlfriend, Maggie, joins in on the fun. Mon-El's evil mother, Rhea, will also be in action, along with Lena Luthor.

Well, this title is obvious

They offered up a very simple and straight to the point title for this installment, simply naming it: "Alex." And they put: "Alex is kidnapped" in all-caps. So if that doesn't tell you that most of this episode will be all about Alex's kidnapping, I don't know what will. Anyways, lets go over this official synopsis. They tell us that, at some point, Alex is going to be in a situation where she is vulnerable to being kidnapped, so she gets kidnapped.

Held hostage

After that, we see these kidnappers eventually get in touch with Supergirl to tell her that they've got her precious sister held hostage, and will have no problem ending her freaking life if Supergirl doesn't deliver to them a certain notorious criminal from prison.

So, they want her to break this person out of prison or else. That obviously puts her in a hefty dilemma. Will she end up, breaking the criminal out? Or will there be another way to stop the people without getting Alex killed? Those are the very huge questions for this very dramatic storyline. It's sure to give us some great scenes.

Save Alex

Next, we learn that in spite of their different tactics for catching criminals, we'll be seeing Alex and Maggie be forced to team up in an effort to pull off a rescue mission for Alex. Will they be able to get the job done? Or will they end up, falling short? Something tells me that they will get it done, but it'll be all about how they do it, which will make this thing entertaining.

So, that's the other big question. How will they pull it off? It's definitely going to be interesting to see.

Rhea proposal for Lina

Alright, so now, we've got this one, last teaser that they gave us. And man, does it sound pretty intriguing. It turns out that we're going to see Mon-El's evil, vindictive mother, Rhea, show back up on the scene after killing of her husband. Then she's going to offer up some sort of proposal to Lena Luthor at some point, which they tell us will be a very interesting proposal.

What could this crazy proposition be that's so freaking interesting? That's definitely going to be the burning question for this particular scenario. On the production side of things, Rob Greenlea directed this episode, and the writing team of: Eric Carrasco & Greg Baldwin penned the script. Episode 19 is currently set to air on next Monday night, May 1st,2017 at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.