A new Hollywood couple is taking social media by storm as news about Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom dating began making its round on the Internet. The alleged new relationship of Dobrev and Bloom is considered to be somewhat controversial considering that the breakup of "The Pirates Of The Caribbean" actor and Katy Perry is still relatively fresh. The relationship of Bloom and Perry only lasted for about a year before the couple called it quits. While the cause of the breakup is still unknown, the "Roar" singer and the "Kingdom Of Heaven" actor have reportedly parted ways amicably, with no hard feelings in tow.

However, while Katy Perry remains single as of writing, Orlando Bloom has been linked to several ladies right after their breakup. The latest celebrity whom Bloom is reportedly dating and getting serious with is "The Vampire Diaries" actress, Nina Dobrev.

Moving out of the friend-zone

According to sources, Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom dating news did not come as a big surprise to the friends of the couple. This was mainly because of the fact that Dobrev and Bloom have been friends for quite some time, establishing a good platonic relationship despite being in respective relationships.

That said, it was only a matter of time until the two celebrities fell for each other and considered going out of the friend zone.

According to reports, the "Let's Be Cops" actress and the "Troy" actor began hanging out more after Bloom and Perry announced the break-up.

Fans worried that Dobrev might be a rebound girl

While Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom dating might be a good addition to Hollywood's range of beautiful couples, fans of the former are worried that she might just be a rebound girl for the latter.

Admittedly, "The Lord Of The Rings" actor has established a playboy or ladies-man reputation in Hollywood, known for going on lots of dates with different women.

In fact, reports have been circulating that Bloom was seen getting quite close to an unknown woman during the Coachella event over the weekend. According to several witnesses, the woman was clearly not Dobrev, which puts the alleged dating relationship of the two celebrities in a vague status.

As of writing, reps for Dobrev and Bloom have yet to comment on the status of their alleged dating relationship. Meanwhile, fans of Katy Perry are eagerly waiting for the "Chained To The Rythm" singer's reaction to Bloom's casanova moves.