Forever John Cena said that he didn't have plans to get married even though he loved Nikki Bella. He actually changed his mind, though. The couple is now engaged and planning their wedding. Nikki and John have been through a lot as a couple and love each other. John has shared that he doesn't want children and now it sounds like Nikki is hoping he changes his mind at some point.

Nikki explains the reasons John doesn't want kids and her thoughts

It isn't really that John Cena doesn't want children. Everyone has seen how amazing he can be with them.

The reason that John doesn't think he should have kids is actually a pretty good one. Nikki Bella explained saying, "[Cena] says it’s selfish, but he knows that with his schedule he couldn’t be an incredible father and that’s why he chooses not to have kids, and I actually respect that because that would be very hard to raise a kid on my own and the dad to always be gone and not see that kid."

Nikki Bella went on to explain that when she sees her fiance John Cena with children, she knows that he would be an amazing father. John is great with kids, and his fans have seen this over the years. Nikki thinks that the fact that he would be a great dad also means that he has made a smart decision by not having a child if he doesn't feel like he can be there for them like he wants to all the time.

If John ends up retiring young, he could decide then that it might be okay to have kids because he would have more time to be around for them like he would want to do if he had children of his own.

The thing is Nikki Bella says that she is totally okay with John's decision not to have children. She gets all of the reasons that he said it too.

She says she is fine with it, but you can also tell that Nikki would be fine if John changed his mind and they ended up having kids later on. You never know where these WWE stars life will end up and they might end up changing their mind just like John did about marriage. They couldn't be happier together. So far, they haven't shared wedding details, but they actually just got engaged so it may be a bit.

Fans are hopeful it will end up airing on "Total Bellas" or "Total Divas" in the future.

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