Nick Viall is doing pretty great on "Dancing With the Stars" this season, but he does realize that he has a downfall. Nick is really nervous dancing on the show, and he is having fun with it and doesn't want to go home just yet. Nick did a blog for People and shared his thoughts about the show.

What does Nick think will get him sent home from "DWTS"?

Nick Viall did say that he had one issue last week. Nick shared revealing, "Last week was okay. I don’t know if you saw on the monitors, but I actually stopped literally in the middle of the dance, and I’m just glad I recovered." Nick shared that he does tense up right before his dance, which causes him problems.

There are some people on the show that have experience dancing or performing, but this isn't something that Nick has done in the past. It is a lot harder for people who haven't done this kind of thing before. Heather Morris actually worked as a backup dancer for Beyonce for a while.

Nick actually had on a shirt that said, "chill out" and he explained saying he needs to “chill out a little bit” moving forward in the competition. Viall was actually afraid that he would go home tonight, which everyone knows didn't happen. He did go on to explain that he thinks there is a pretty good chance that he could end up going home pretty early in the competition. Nick just doesn't really see himself making it until the end of the show.

Nick Viall is paired up with Peta Murgatroyd in the competition, so he has that going for him. These two are doing great so far, but he still has a lot to prove. Nick has his fiance Vanessa Grimaldi in the audience each week cheering him on and so far Nick is doing well enough on the show that it doesn't look like he will be going home anytime soon.

Do you feel like Nick Viall needs to chill out or could end up going home this season on "Dancing With the Stars"? Do you feel like Nick stands a chance to win the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Dancing With the Stars" on ABC on Monday nights.