Nick Cannon has quit NBC "America's Got Talent," and he did it on Facebook on Monday, February 13, 2017. Fans aren't happy about Nick's sudden decision not to be part of next season's show. According to TMZ, Nick told a controversial joke during his standup comedy special that aired Friday night on Showtime. This didn't go well with NBC executives. At first, they considered firing him, but then they decided to forgive Nick for the joke because they think he has been a great host for the last eight years.

Cannon's joke

The 36-year-old comedian signed contract with the network that states that he couldn't speak about NBC without running it by them first.

Executives believe he broke his contract and disrespected NBC. Nick thought the network attempted to curtail his freedom of speech. The former "Wild 'N Out" host reportedly said the show's executives were making him act less black with less swagger by trying to take away his "black card."

Nick said he loved hosting "AGT," but he made the hasty decision because his soul won't allow him to continue. He admitted he was getting paid millions of dollars, but he said he didn't care about the money. To show that he means business, he concludes that he cannot see himself returning to the show.

This is bad timing because "America's Got Talent" is scheduled to start filming its 12th season next week. Cannon has been hosting since Season 4.

The comedian connected with the contestants, and often he would become part of their acts to viewers' delight.

Nick's Facebook post

Nick wrote a very long post on Facebook. He expressed that he loved "America's Got Talent." He doesn't regret walking away from millions of dollars, but he regrets letting down his fans. He said he wished he didn't have to leave the series, but he refused to be threatened for speaking what he believes.

Cannon ended his lengthy post with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King that says people's lives begin to end when they keep silent about things that matter to them.

Are you saddened that Nick Cannon will not be part of "America's Got Talent" any longer?