Recently, the folks over at got to chat up the main star of AMC's hit drama, "The Walking Dead," Andrew Lincoln (left), and he excitedly revealed some teasery intel for how the upcoming season 8 will start off. As previously reported, it's going to be their 100th episode, and it's definitely going to kick off with quite the bang! Production is set to begin in just a few, short weeks. He said, he's really excited about the new season, and that it's going to be absolutely insane!

Greatest episode

While Andrew wouldn't reveal any specific details, he told them that they will be aiming to deliver one of the show's greatest episodes ever with that season 8 premiere show.

He continued to talk about how pleased he was to even get to 100 episodes and never thought that when they shot the pilot episode, seven years ago, that they would actually make it this far. He mentioned that a full-scale war is going to get started in the season 8 premiere episode. The new season will also, most likely, pick up where season 7 left off.

First trailer to release in July

In their article, they also mentioned that we can expect to see the first teaser trailer for the new season at the big Comic-Con event in San Diego, which is scheduled for July 2017, so be sure to mark that down and get prepared. As previously reported, the TV Line folks were also able to get some teaser spoilers out of showrunner, Scott Gimple.

He talked about Jadis, and he said she can absolutely not be trusted. In fact, she's so got damn dangerous that he said Negan needs to watch his back when it comes to her, more so than Jadis.

As far as the big war goes, Gimple mentioned that the madness will go down in Alexandria. There's going to be lots of both short and big twists and turns.

Some of them will actually change the momentum and direction of the storyline. Finally, he capped things off by telling the TV Line crew that season 8 is going to be more kinetic and fast-moving. I hope that means they'll move the fight along, and not be as slow-moving as season 7 was. I mean, damn. It took all the way until the final episode to even see some semblance of a war. Look for season 8 to finally premiere in about October 2017. It's reportedly set to deliver another 16 crazy episodes. Stay tuned, because there's definitely more scoops to come.