According to a recent report from the folks over at, it's now highly possible that we could see a delay to the upcoming "The Walking Dead" season 8 if things don't get cleared up with this whole possible writer's strike situation. Apparently, the Writer's Guild are back to their old antics that they pulled back in 2008, which caused a major writer's strike and a delay in production of a lot of popular shows. The new reports are telling us that they are trying to hold off on contract negotiations ,again, in an effort to get more pay for their writers.

Writer's Guild owns the script

They said that most of the writing for The Walking Dead, should be completed by the time they're ready to start production, which is actually next month, May 2017. However, the scripts are the property of the Writers Guild folks, so they could decide to not release them until they bleed out all the money they're looking for. The last writer's strike that these bozos pulled back in 2008, effected very popular shows of that time, like: Lost, Entourage, Rescue Me, The Office, Jericho, Breaking Bad, The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, and many, many more. So, this could turn into quite a big deal for sure.

Currently confident

As of right now, the folks over at AMC are confident that the new season 8 should premiere as originally planned, which is around the October 2017 timeline.

Hopefully, it will stay that way. But again, if they decide to strike, there's a strong possibility that it might not. We'll just have to cross our fingers, for now, and wait and see how this thing plays out.

As previously reported, the season 8 premiere is supposed to be the 100th episode. Andrew Lincoln who plays the leading character, Rick Grimes, has gone on record, saying that the new season is going to be quite insane, and that he's really excited about it.

One of the executive producers, Scott Gimple, talked about how shady Jadis is, saying that not even Negan should trust her. He also revealed that there's also going to be some battling going on at the Hilltop every freaking weekend. We should also be expecting the very first teaser trailer to get presented at the huge 2017 San Diego, Comic-Con event in July sometime.

So, be sure to look out for that.

Start playing the game

We've also got some other intel from Lincoln after he chatted with Entertainment Weekly. He told them that the show did a lot of Chess piece placement and positioning of characters and key players in the landscape. Now in season 8, they are really going to start playing the game. So, that sounds very interesting and really good after having to wait for all that build-up in season 7. Anyways, stay tuned.