Hey, "Scandal" fans. We've got a very good preview clip (below) for the upcoming episode 11 of the current season 6 for you guys, thanks to the kind folks over at ABC. They delivered this thing, last night, right after episode 10 got done airing. We're fed some very interesting and extremely dramatic scenes in this one as Olivia Pope's father, Rowan, is spotted warning her that her life is definitely in danger if Cyrus becomes president! It's also announced that Cyrus is found innocent of the big Frank Vargas murder. There's a big confrontation scene that takes place between Olivia and Mellie at one point, and more!

As previously reported, this episode is entitled: "Trojan Horse."

She's fighting

The new clip, starts off, giving us a new scene that features David Rosen in action. He's spotted, telling the press that Cyrus Beene is innocent of all charges related to the murder of Frank E. Vargas. Immediately after that, we get a scene that features a look at a very emotional Cyrus and Abby. Next, we get a clip of the main woman, Olivia Pope, in action. She's seen, saying that the White House belongs to Cyrus. After that, we're shown a scene that features Mellie in action with Olivia, telling her: " I'm fighting. Not quitting!"

A hugging scene

From there, a flurry of different scenes are thrown out at us that gives us new glimpses at Mellie and Cyrus.

There's also an Olivia hugging scene. It looks pretty serious. We also get a very brief glimpse of someone in quite a sticky position. Then after all that, they finally give us the last scene, which features yet another look at Olivia in action.

Olivia's life threatening news

This time, it's with her father, Mr. Rowan Pope himself.

He definitely has some very serious and intense news for her as he's spotted, saying that if Cyrus Beene actually becomes president, they will freaking kill her! Oh no! Is this news true? If so, what will Olivia end up, doing about it? These are two very big questions for this scenario. Unfortunately, the clip ended with that, so it looks like we'll have to wait until this episode airs, to find out how all that madness will play out.

As previously reported from the official press release, we'll also be seeing Olivia and company, very busy, trying to put all their efforts into taking down Peus. We're also going to see another victim, pop up as a result of this crazy fight for power that gets triggered by the electoral college vote that's just right around the corner! Episode 11 is currently due to air on Thursday night, April 20th,2017 at 8pm central time on ABC. Be sure to check out the new preview clip, below, and stay tuned.