Hey, "Walking Dead" fans. We've got super great news for you guys as we can officially tell you that a new season 8 is definitely on it's way. AMC is our source, and they actually delivered the announcement way back on October 18th, 2016, which was before season 7 started up. That's how confident they were in their number one, freaking show. During their announcement, they didn't give us a specific premiere date, but they did say, it's scheduled to start in late 2017. We're guessing it'll be given another mid-October premiere date, so definitely look for it around that time.

They also mentioned that the new season 8 will kick off with the show's 100th episode, so that's freaking huge, baby!

The president's happy

Charlie Collier, who is the president of AMC, gave us a few positive words about the show, basically thanking producer/creator, Robert Kirkman, and Scott M. Gimple for their work on the series. He called them some of the hardest-working folks in television. He closed out by thanking we, the fans, for breathing life into the show. After that, the article mentioned that season 8 will come with another set of 16 episodes, along with more of the popular after show, "The Talking Dead" with host, Chris Hardwick.

It's going to be terrifying

Now, we've already got some juicy, new, teaser spoilery intel to give you guys as some of the castmembers have ,apparently, already started talking about what we can expect in the new season.

The Los Angeles Times recently got a statement from Andrew Lincoln. He told them that they're definitely going to come right out of the box, swinging when it starts up, and that it's just not going to stop from there. As he continued to describe how huge he thinks the next season will be, he mentioned something very interesting, saying that it's definitely going to be terrifying, and that he means that from the very depths of his cynical soul!


Alright, that's all we've got for the new season 8 at the moment, but definitely stay tuned as we expect some new season 8 spoilers to come out of the woodworks after the big season 7 finale episode 16 wraps up, tonight, because the press is going to be all over the producers for some early teasers for next season. Stay tuned.