Comedian Louis C.K. is dead serious about his views on President Donald Trump. He went off in an epic rant to Stephen Colbert, calling the POTUS a "gross crook," "Hitler," a "lying sack of sh-t," and a few other choice names. But setting political views aside, one bipartisan issue was noted about the funnyman: his weight gain. Louis C.K. is looking heavier since his boasted weight-loss, and that is no joke. Here's why that may be and how men over 40 are stalked by obesity.

How Louis CK lost weight

In 2013, the star of "Louis," jokingly or not, claimed to have lost 7 pounds.

He shared his weight-loss secret and that was to change absolutely nothing. His tongue-in-cheek tips included making zero committment to shedding pounds. But kidding aside, the actor did appear leaner. So that's refreshing to know that with no effort, he was able to reduce. Was he poking fun at folks who announce every lost pound as if it was a cataclysmic event? Certainly Celebrities like Khloe and Kim Kardashian obsess over weight. If Louis C.K. was mocking those who slim down and post updates on social media, the joke's on him. Sharing progress on Facebook or Instagram, especially with before and after pictures, is an incredibly effective weight-loss tool.

Why obesity stalks Louis C.K. (and most men after 40)

After age 40, people tend to gain more easily. Men are especially prone to this as they ignore increasing size more than women. Men also are more apt to do just what Louis CK joked about -- not change habits. They believe that they can eat the same way as they did in their teens.

The high school bodybuilder or football player who was trim, doesn't see the middle-age spread. The guy who had trouble putting weight on as a kid, can't keep it off as an adult. Reduced activity in later years means those extra calories don't get burned off like they did in youth. But Louis CK (and everyone) should take weight seriously. A few pounds overweight turns into 100 and more very quickly, and diabetes, hypertension, heart and lung trouble, and other lifestyle diseases follow hard on the heels of obesity as it closes in.