It looks like “The Conjuring” films are set to create a cinematic universe of their own, with the fourth film of the franchise launching its first trailer. The film has been titled “Annabelle: Creation” and it will technically be the first film (if you are looking at the chronological sequence) in this horror cinematic universe. The trailer is quite well done, and the film already looks like an improvement from the original “Annabelle."

Haunted dolls, helpless children

What began as a minor element in a horror film has now transformed into a second full-length feature film!

I am of course talking about the haunted doll Annabelle first seen in James Wan’s “The Conjuring." The second film, which is technically supposed to be a prequel, explores the origin story of everybody’s favorite haunted doll.

We can see in the trailer that Annabelle was actually created buy a doll maker for his baby girl a long time ago. Unfortunately, the little girl tragically loses her life in a freak accident and returns in the spirit form to communicate with her parents. The spirit (which probably isn’t the same as the deceased young girl) convinces the doll maker and his wife to allow her to reside in the body of her favorite doll Annabelle and things start to go terribly wrong from then on.

The situation gets drastically worse when a Nun and small group of children are taken in by the doll maker due to extenuating circumstances. Annabelle begins to target one particular handicapped girl from the group, and the hauntings begin in full swing from that point onwards.

What to expect

The film is being produced by James Wan, the mind behind all four of the films in this particular cinematic universe.

The director of this film will be David F. Sandberg the man who brought us last year’s surprising horror hit “Lights Out."

The combination of Wan and Sandberg should be quite a potent one, and it is already telling when you take a look at the trailer of the film. The first “Annabelle” film was quite mediocre but this sequel/prequel looks a lot better already. The film is set to release on August 11th, 2017 but you can take a look at the trailer below until then.