The wait for the first teaser for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is over. Many expected the trailer to debut at Star Wars Celebration, and many were right. It's just a teaser, though, and it certainly didn't give away any major plot points or show any spoilers for the film. The trailer mostly focused on Luke Skywalker training Rey on the mysterious island she found him on at the end of "The Force Awakens."

What do you see?

Skywalker asks Rey to reach out. "What do you see?" he asks. She responds by saying she sees the darkness and the balance. Skywalker gives an ominous and cryptic prediction that it's time for the Jedi to end.

We get a glimpse of Rey training with Luke's lightsaber, but it's from a distance so we don't get much detail.

The Millennium Falcon is back, and we see the late Han Solo's famous ship escaping from a couple of First Order TIE Fighters. There's a glimpse of a new ship as well. Finn is seen comatose in a pod, and the ships are spraying red dust over the desert. One of these new ships crash lands and explodes.

The First Order returns

We see very little of Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma. There is a quick shot of Kylo Ren's helmet and it's completely shattered. Last week we received news that Kylo Ren will have a slightly new costume in "The Last Jedi." His mask will be different and possibly merged with Darth Vader's helmet.

We see another shot of Kylo, and this time he's unasked. It's a close up of him wielding his lightsaber. BB-8 and Poe Dameron are also shown in the teaser trailer. We see them running toward Poe's X-wing in a hangar bay before it explodes right before their eyes.

Captain Phasma is seen coming out the smoldering wreckage of a city accompanied by a group of stromtroopers.

These look like regular stromtroopers, but there was also recent news that she will work alongside new executioner stromtroopers in "The Last Jedi." In the shot right before this, we see Luke collapsing to his knees beside R2-D2 as he stands in front of a burning citadel in the desert.

This will likely be the late Carrie Fisher's last film, but there are rumors that she will appear in "Star Wars: Episode 9" somehow.

The trailer shows one small shot of General Leia as she looks over a map of a star system in the control room of a ship. This is likely during a space battle, which is teased in trailer. There is no Snoke or the Kinghts of Ren in the trailer, and there are no shots of the new characters played by Benicio Del Toro and Laura Dern. Disney is likely saving that for future trailers.