Hey,"Supergirl" fans. Yes, unfortunately, it's true. It turns out that your favorite show is in break mode again, and will be so for a while, so the new episode 18 of the current season 2 will not be airing, tonight, April 3rd, 2017. It also won't be airing for a couple more Monday nights, because we have an air date of Monday night, April 24th, 2017 for episode 18, so be sure to mark that date down on your TV calendars so you don't forget all about it. Hell, it'll almost be an entire month!

They're showing us number 13 again

Anyways, as for tonight, the CW does still plan to run a Supergirl episode.

Unfortunately, it's just going to be a rerun of the 13th episode that ran this season, labeled: "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk." It's the one where that crazy 5th dimension menace, Mxyzptlk, showed up to try and make Kara his bride at all costs. Then they were finally able to get rid of him due to a very clever trick that Kara came up with. I suspect that most of you hardcore fans have seen this one, so you'll probably want to abandon The CW, tonight. However for those few of you who didn't get to see it for whatever reason, now is your chance to watch it.

New intel for episode 18

Alright, now we've got some good news to throw out at you. CW did release a promo/spoiler clip for episode 18,last week, and we've included it below for those of you who haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet.

We were also able to get a hold of a title for this one. It has been named: "Ace Reporter," and will feature guest star: Rahul Kohli as character Jack Spheer. That's all the written information we were able to get for it since CW hasn't dropped the official press release for it yet.

A huge explosion

In the promo clip (below), it starts out, revealing that someone has some information for Kara, and it doesn't look too pleasant as Kara is seen, saying that two people have been killed!

We also get a flurry of different scenes during this revelation. Lena Luthor is spotted in a couple of them. At one point, Supergirl is seen in major danger on some sort of apparatus. Then, finally, we see the clip cap off with a major car explosion that leaves Kara staring at it with great shock and displeasure! This one definitely looks like it'll be intense as all hell. Be sure to check out the new clip, below, and stay tuned.