Oh, Mon-El, we hardly know ye. In fact, after the latest episode of “Supergirl,” you’re more of an enigma than ever. “Supergirl”’s resident Daxamite arrived amidst a flurry of confusion as season 2 began, and as of the midseason premiere, his past has remained shrouded. Not that it bothers Kara (Melissa Benoist) – although it might if she’d seen everything that went down on Slaver's Moon. Even as the Dominators pay their…royal?...respects, someone is searching the stars for Mon-El (Chris Wood), and their agenda can only be described as nefarious.

What is Mon-El hiding?

For devotees of The CW’s Arrowverse, Monday’s return of the Dominators might not have come as a surprise – DC should really pick up Marvel’s “It’s All Connected” hashtag -- but their behavior towards Wood’s character was downright quizzical. Although we know the invaders as meta-hating warmongers, they apparently don’t bring their weapons to the dinner table on Daxam, especially not if it’s of the royal variety.

Did the Dominators’ bow signal the Mon-El’s rank as a member of his planet’s elite? It’s a theory fans have tossed around for some time now, but it’s one executive producer Andrew Kreisberg is keeping under wraps.

“No comment,” Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly when asked of the alien's connections to Daxamite royalty.

Whatever the case, Mon-El should come clean sooner rather than later. If he's looking to make a life – a romance, even – for himself on our little blue marble, it’s best he stop keeping secrets from his Earthly cohorts. Of all the stumbling blocks standing between Kara and him, his penchant for hiding the lede could prove to be the worst of all.

“Secrets are never healthy in a relationship and obviously Mon-El is holding onto something,” Kreisberg said. “We got a little taste that his life on Daxam might not be as over as we think from the glimpse of the space farers, who are on the hunt for him. So it will definitely play a big part in their relationship moving forward.”

What’s next on ‘Supergirl’?

Now that Mon-El has decided to take up the hero’s mantle, viewers will get to see him (attempt) to save the day when Livewire (Brit Morgan) breaks free.

Titled “We Can Be Heroes,” the Jan. 30 episode will open Kara’s eyes to recent events in National City.

“After Livewire seemingly breaks out of prison, Supergirl is intent on recapturing her. After training Mon-El, Supergirl takes him with her when she sees Livewire attack the NCPD but things go awry when he puts Supergirl before the citizens of National City. Meanwhile, James (Mehcad Brooks) decides to come clean with Kara and M’Gann (guest star Sharon Leal), has a psychic attack and collapses into a coma.”

Catch “Supergirl” Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.