Hey, "Scandal" fans. It's that time ,again. We're back at you to tell you a little bit of what's about to go down in the upcoming episode 13 of the current season 6. We're able to do this, thanks to the wonderful ABC marketing team, serving up the official synopsis in their latest press release. We're going to see some very interesting stuff, take place as Fitz and Olivia will run into some issues with Rowan at some point. Jake is going to be manipulating some mystery lady with surprising tactics, and more!

They went with: "The Box"

Like always, they revealed what the title is for this installment.

It is named: "The Box." This official description session began with them, telling us that it's going to be of absolute importance that Olivia and Fitz, track down Peus before it's just too freaking late! They put this part in all caps, too, so it sounds like this situation could be the main storyline. Will Olivia and Fitz be able to find Peus before they run out of time? Or will the clock not be kind to them? Those are some very big questions for this plotline.

Hanging in the balance

They did give a little more details about it, saying that the future of the country is going to apparently be hanging in the balance, and that Fitz and Olivia will have some sort of big problem with Rowan as they tell us that they will be at odds with him.

Will they be able to get all this drama cleared up? Or will the tensions just keep burning like a furnace? That's all the info they gave in reference to their situation, so it looks like we'll have to wait for the episode to air, or maybe a preview clip to get any other details. So, be sure to look out for the preview clip after episode 12 airs tonight.

Very shady action

Lastly, they revealed that Jake will be up to some very shady action in this one, telling us that he's going to be quite busy, running some very manipulative games on some chick that they're saying is a mystery woman. If that weren't enough, they said that Jake's tactics will be quite shocking! What will these starting tactics be?

And who is this mystery lady? I definitely think we'll have to wait to find out who this lady is. One thing's for sure, it should give us some very dramatic and intriguing scenes. Episode 13 was written by Raamla Mohamed & Austin Guzman, and Steph Green handled the directing duties.

Her smartphone

Ok, that's all the written scoops that we have for this episode at the moment. We included one of the official photos for the episode (above), which features Olivia in action, looking at something on her smartphone. What could it be? Oh, what could it be? Some of the other photos we saw,m featured Jake, looking very intense. Mellie is spotted, looking very worried. There's a close -up of Fitz and David Rosen as well, so expect to some action from David at some point to go along with the other storylines I just mentioned. Also, we can say with 100 percent certainty that episode 13 will hit te airwaves next Thursday night, May 4th,2017 at 8pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.