Alex O'Loughlin just completed his part in the production for the current Season 7 of “Hawaii Five-O.” It's no secret that the shooting schedule for the actor who leads the team of the most elite crime-fighting force on the island as Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett is grueling, as his body can attest, but nothing can impede his heart for kids. The Australian native makes Hawaii home now and calls the home he shares with wife, Malia Jones “a man factory,” with three sons between them. With a toddler, a young school-aged child, and a teen, Alex has had plenty of practice with a bedtime story.

His reading of “Hello Lamb” is truly a warm and fuzzy touch to hearts and ears of every age.

Sound effects specialist

From his opening, “Hi guys” in the lush outdoor setting, Alex O'Loughlin is delightfully “all-in” with drawing little ones to these pages, just as he is on his police drama when running down perpetrators. Much to his credit, he first gives kudos to the author, Jane Cabrera, and that respects his young listeners, too, as research shows that very young children develop attractions to favorite authors by language and style from very early ages, long before beginning school. The fun commences with the rising sun, and O'Loughlin’s lovely drawl to “Wake up babies,” before other furry friends appear.

Alex O'Loughlin has his animal sounds down to perfection, as each is welcomed, except for one. “I don't know if that sounds much like a puppy," the handsome star quips about his “woof-woof.” All the hours that he spends in that overcast blue interrogation room playing mind games can make anyone develop a gruff demeanor. Perhaps that canine interpretation was a bit harsh, but the “rribbits” for the frog and twitching bunny nose more than made up for the momentary lapse in gentleness.

“My favorite,” says Alex, coming to the book title’s namesake, and giving a spirited “baa-baa.” With a final “goo-goo,” that sounds more like “ga-gu” in Alex O'Loughlin-speak, the sun is up, and it's time to start the day. It is assured that many female fans will have a good breakfast, too, with this sensory literary treat.

Worthy pictures, causes, and words

Jane Cabrera comes by her affection for animals, artistry, and words quite naturally. She wrote her first children's book while studying graphic design, and many of her books, including three recognized with the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio awards, feature animals as central characters. “Hello Lamb” was published in January of this year, and her book, “Fetch” took homespun inspiration, too. The author shares a 500-year-old thatched cottage in Devon with her two children, a guinea pig and the “world's friendliest dog.” In all, she has 51 books, and her titles have been translated into 20 languages. Her illustrations are crisp, playful, and engaging.

Alex O'Loughlin has been devoted to charity causes since his first series in the US, “Moonlight.” He used the theme of his vampire-private investigator series to inspire blood drives.

He has also supported the philanthropic initiatives of the Paley Center and the Walk to Defeat ALS. He keeps hospital and sports visits with youth on his schedule, and is known for always taking time out for neighbors in his Oahu community. His moments of sharing story time were few, but the time taken with children for good books lasts a lifetime.