Alright, so the CBS folks recently revealed some new spoiler intel about a storyline that's going to be featured in the upcoming "NCIS Los Angeles" episode 22 of season 8. It turns out that we're going to be seeing Hetty's former Vietnam folks back in action again. This time, it's going to be for some freaking gold heist that's going down. It sounds like it will offer up some more heavy action and drama for sure.

Launching an investigation

We also got a title for this episode from them. It's being called: "Golden Days." In their official description, they pretty much just gave us the main storyline for this thing, and nothing else.

It's going to entail the NCIS: Los Angeles crew, looking into and launching an investigation into the heist of some very precious gold. Apparently, Hetty's old Vietnam war colleagues: retired Admiral AJ Chegwidden (played by John M. Jackson), Admiral Sterling Bridges ( played by James Remar) and retired Captain Charles Langston (played by Carl Lumbly) are going to still be on the scene for this one, so they are going to team back up with the NCIS: Los Angeles crew to work this freaking case.

The big questions for this synopsis, is will this be another successful partnering? Or will the gold-stealing culprits be too much for them to handle? They kept things really vague as usual, so it looks like we're going to have to wait around until next week to see how all that plays out in the new episode.

Actually, we might get some extra intel about this episode if CBS releases a new preview clip for it later on tonight after episode 21 airs, so be sure to look out for that.

According to the production credits, Joseph C. Wilson & Lee A. Carlisle, wrote up the script, and Ruba Nadda directed it. They also gave the confirmation that this one is due to show up on the airwaves next Sunday night, April 30th,2017 in the same 9pm central time slot on CBS.

An early renewal

As for this current season, it's definitely about to come to a conclusion, CBS ordered 24 episodes. These final three will air in straight, consecutive weeks after tonight's episode, so no annoying breaks are scheduled to show up in between them. We can also give you early notice that you die hard fans will get to see a new, ninth season of this wonderful show, because it was given a very early renewal way back in March of 2016.

So yeah. CBS was extremely confident in it to say the very least.

We got a small tidbit spoiler for episode 23. It turns out that Sam's wife is going to get kidnapped at some point, so that should be a very emotional and intense episode. It's titled: "Uncaged." Stay tuned.