Back on April 12th, 2017, the TV Line news crew put out a new report that reveals the confirmation that we'll, indeed, see Calista Flockhart (left) back in action, again, on the "Supergirl" to reprise her role as Kara's former boss, Cat Grant. When will she be showing back up? Well, they tell us that she'll be arriving in the last two episodes of this second season. Unfortunately, they couldn't dig up any intel on why Cat will be back or any other storyline information for her. So, it looks like that very coveted info will have to remain a secret for now.

For quite some time

The last time we saw Cat in action, was in the 2nd episode of this current second season. In that episode, she was seen, leaving the company and putting Jimmy Olsen in charge. The TV Line crew tells us that the show's producers have, in fact, been planning to bring Calista back for quite some time. It just had a lot to do with timing as it always does. Apparently, back in october 2016, TV Line chatted with the executive producer of the show, Andrew Kreisberg, and he told them that they were trying to work out her schedule at that time, and wanted to get her back into as many episodes as they could schedule her for. So, that sounds good.

Again, there's no other details about her reemergence, so we don't know if this will be a set-up for her to return, fulltime, or not.

We just know that she'll, at least, be back for these two episodes, and then I guess we'll just have to see what happens. Maybe, her storyline will give us some definite hints when we finally see it.

Filming location issues

According to, Calista decided to just be a recurring guest star in season 2, because the show moved its filming location from Los Angeles,California all the way to Vancouver, Canada after getting picked up by The CW after those bozos over at CBS let them go.

Apparently, Calista only wants to work on productions that are located Los Angeles, so she can live close to where her family lives. The CW films this show in Vancouver, so that caused it to have to move. In light of that intel, it's highly likely that we won't be seeing a fulltime return of Calista aka Cat, but hopefully, they'll be able to get her in more episodes to come.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing Calista back in action. I like her character on the show. As previously reported, the show is bringing in another character for the finale episode. This character will be very recognizable, as it is none other than the vicious and crooked General Zod. It's speculated that his appearance could have something to do with Superman, showing back up in the finale as well. There's also the belief , or more so, a hope that this could be a set-up for him to play a much bigger role as the main villain of the new season 3. Speaking of season 3. Yes, it's definitely been confirmed by the CW, so you guys can crack open your champagne bottles early. Stay tuned.