Hey, "The Leftovers" fans. Welcome to a brand new season! We're going to get things kicked off with HBO's official press release synopsis for the upcoming episode 2 of this current season 3. They only gave one storyline to work with in this one, but there's a good amount of details about it. It's not one of those one-sentence descriptions. I hate those. Anyways, it sounds like we're going to see a lot of action from Nora as that's pretty much the only person they reference in this synopsis. She's going to be taking a little road trip to St. Louis to find out who's claiming they can reunite family members with their dead loved ones, and more.

It's "Don't Be Ridiculous"

In their press release, they also revealed what the producers have named this installment. It turns out that they decided to go with: "Don't Be Ridiculous." I think that's a clever play on words as it references, calling out these people who are make claims that they can help people see their dead family members again.

A possible dead people scam

According their official plot summary, they tell us that Nora is going to be the official fraud investigator for the Department of Sudden Departure aka the D.S.D. baby! And she is going to end up, traveling all the way to St. Louis to launch an investigation on what is believed to be a possible scam that's going on. They go on to tell us that whoever is running this scam, is convincing unsuspecting family members of people that have past away, that there is a way for them to be able to see them again!

Will this madness, end up, possibly having some truth to it? Or will Nora have no problems, proving that it's a huge scam, and bust everyone involved? Unfortunately, they didn't answer those very important questions in their press release, so it looks like we're going to have to wait until this thing airs to see how everything will play out.

It sounds like it'll be quite intriguing, though.

Additionally, HBO gave us production credits that should be mentioned. The writing team that consists of: Tha Lonely Donkey Kong & Specialist Contagious, are responsible for penning the script, and Keith Gordon directed it. They also confirmed that episode 2 is, indeed, scheduled to air next Sunday night, April 23rd,2017 at 9pm eastern standard time on HBO.

Oh, I almost forgot. We're expecting HBO to drop a new preview clip for episode 2 after episode 1 wraps up later on tonight, so be sure to keep a lookout for that as it should reveal some extra details that the written press release didn't. Stay tuned.