HBO recently dropped the full trailer of the comingThe Leftoversseason 3. The final chapter of the drama series is going to feature the end of the world as there will be a great flood coming. With the intense turn of event, playing Abba’s “SOS” in the background is very fitting.

The almost two-minute trailer gave a glimpse of Kevin (Justin Theroux), Nora (Carrie Coon) along with the rest of the group that are now living in Australia. Here, things are getting more extreme as some confused the show's protagonist to be Jesus while Nora’s kids may return.

A different kind of ending

In an interview with TVLine, Coon assured fans that “The Leftovers” Season 3’s ending will be very satisfying. “There are a lot of directions the show could’ve taken, and, I feel in my Nora Durst heart, that they chose the right one,” the 36-year-old star revealed.

In fact, the “Gone Girl” actress affirmed that she has approved every direction the show has taken. Its creator Damon Lindelof, on the other hand, revealed that the final season may be different from the television series fans used to see.

Aside from living in Australia, the show is going to end with a different kind of energy that fans didn’t see from the previous seasons. To recall, in the first season, Kevin was a problematic guy.

He then transformed in the second chapter while in the third, some people think he is their savior.

The origin of a satisfying finale

Meanwhile, Lindelof said that the satisfying ending of “The Leftovers” Season 3 came from sticking to the original theme of the show all throughout. “I think that 'The Leftovers' has carved out a space in the zeitgeist that’s much more culty, it’s a much smaller, impassioned audience,” he said (via Slash Film).

The executive producer also added that he doesn’t feel the pressure of ending the show just like other hit television series do. “I feel like, if you like 'The Leftovers,' if you’re watching 'The Leftovers,' at this point, my job is basically to be as authentic to the same show that I’ve been writing all along and not really stray from that,” he added. The show's season finale will be seen on HBO on April 16.