Erin Moran, who played Joanie Cunningham on "Happy Days," died at 56. As America reels, friends and family are busy desecrating her memory. Before the cause of death was declared, Scott Baio was spreading rumors that she died of drugs or alcohol. Moran's husband poignantly identified the killer, stage 4 cancer, and Baio recanted. Then big brother Tony Moran stepped in. The actor, who played last in "Halloween" (1978) blasted Baio as a "F****** scumbag piece of s***," and threatened him on Twitter. Most supporters are sending love, while a few are egging on the meltdown, encouraging him to "kick Chachi's a**." But some wonder if he's exploiting his sister's death for five minutes back in the limelight.

Scott Baio misrepresents Erin Moran's death

When news of Erin Moran's death on April 22 broke, show stars Ron Howard and Henry Winkler sent love and condolences. Scott Baio who played "Chachi" gave an interview regarding his "Joanie Loves Chachi" co-star. He said “For me, you do drugs or drink, you’re gonna die" which translated to fans that he was listing her cause of death as alcohol or drug overdose. When someone dies young, at 56, such questions are already in peoples' minds. It was an insensitive way to say it, but Baio says he wasn't intentionally rumor-mongering or confirming suspicions. But confirm and monger he did, and Twitter went nuts.

Steve Fleischmann's loving tribute to Erin Moran

The "Happy Days" star pretty much fell off the radar after her "Joanie Loves Chachi" spinoff. Her husband Steve Fleischmann shared the real story of her death which was from an aggressive squamous cell carcinoma cancer in stage 4.

The spouse of 25 years recalled chemotherapy, radiation and finally a tube feeding implant. He said she died holding his hand. Steve wanted the letter shared on Facebook and Twitter, and social media because media attention was "relentless." Fleischmann, who would have realistically been the most hurt by Baio's comments, didn't allude to them at all.

Baio shared it and expressed regret for his assumption of drug abuse.

Tony Moran goes ballistic on Scott Baio

Who's Tony Moran? He played Michael Myers in "Halloween" in 1978 and he's Erin's protective big brother. Moran went on a rampage of name-calling, threats, and dredging up past history (Erin dated Baio in the early 80s) and even made a crude penis references. Moran stalked the actor on Twitter and then followed him to Facebook to continue his barrage. Moran leveled threats, saying "you better hope I never meet you." He ranted that the "Happy Days" alum hadn't called him in person to apologize and had his wife do it. So everyone grieves differently but some folks are wondering if this is grief or exploitation.

It won't bring Erin back and could really hurt her husband. Perhaps her memory would be better served heeding the words of "Fonzie," to let her find the peace she sought, and allow her to "rest in it serenely now."