It turns out the new trailer for the upcoming “Alien: Covenants” is pretty scary, while as reported by Cinema Blend, the opening is pretty similar to a five-minute prologue released last week, where the crew of the colony ship Covenant have one more get together before landing on the planet they are heading to. Daniels (played by Katherine Waterston) says that everyone has come a long way and have sacrificed so much to be there in what is the first ever, large scale colonization mission. Daniels tells the assembled crew that everyone on Earth is grateful for their hard work and courage.

Following this, it is shown that courage is one thing this band of colonists is going to need for sure.

Something is very wrong with the planet as “Covenant” lands

In Ridley Scott’s film, a bridge between 2012’s Prometheus and 1979’s original Alien, the then crew land on the planet. As they start leaving the colony ship, they almost immediately notice something is very wrong with the environment surrounding them. First they spot wheat growing – which definitely should not be happening so far from Earth – and then someone notices that there are no sounds, at all. No animals and no birds can be heard.

The only life they find is extremely “Alien”

For those who watched the 2012 film “Prometheus,” what you see next is the engineer’s vessel from that film, lying deserted on their newly colonized planet.

But is it completely deserted? This is where the trailer gets really exciting and most definitely terrifying, after what our valiant crew finds inside that ship. While “Prometheus” was considered a dud by many, it looks like the cast and crew of “Alien: Covenant” have got things right. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, what with ear-invading spores, face huggers, alien parasites pushing out of people’s backs and the good old, ugly, toothy and saliva-sloshing xenomorph, it's back to “Alien” situation normal.

Star-studded cast of "Alien: Covenant"

Besides Katherine Waterston, the film’s cast includes James Franco, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Carmen Ejogo and Demian Bichir. Former “Prometheus” stars will be reprising their roles too, with Noomi Rapace and Guy Pearce, plus Michael Fassbender, who plays not only the character David, but also an Android called Walter.

Fans will now have to be patient, as the film will only be released in theaters on May 19. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer, included below.