Meghan Markle has been making headlines since she started dating Prince Harry last summer. After she started dating Prince Harry, she became Google's most searched actress of 2016. She also made news in reference to her role on "Suits." In fact, you can learn a lot about the 35-year-old actress by watching her legal drama television series. The show is about a man who pretends to be a lawyer in a law firm where Meghan's character is a lawyer.

Character and real life

Meghan's real life has a lot of similarities to Rachel Zane, her onscreen character.

Meghan's real name is Rachel Meghan Markle, but she goes by her middle name. She plays a foodie on "Suits." In real life, she is a foodie. On her Instagram page, she has posted many pictures of foods she likes. Her online profiles show her real name and state that she is a foodie. Before dating Prince Harry, Meghan dated celebrity chef Cory Vitiello. Meghan loves to cook. Before she shut down her blog, The Tig, she had an entire food section. When she’s not filming and doing humanitarian work, she is in the kitchen cooking. When she stays with Prince Harry, she loves to cook for him.

Meghan is known for her humanitarian work. That's one reason Prince Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth is impressed with her.

Meghan's humanitarian work offscreen ties into her onscreen humanitarian work. Humanitarian is one of the things Meghan and Prince Harry have in common. In fact, they plan to combine their charities. In real life, Meghan is a Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada. She works with quite a few charities.

Most people know that Meghan is biracial.

She has a black mother and a white father. On "Suits" she also has parents who are of two different races. In the series, the races are just the opposite. Her father, Robert Zane, is black, and her mother is white. On the show, Rachel and her father are lawyers. In real life, Meghan and her father work in film.

Meghan and Prince Harry

Meghan and Prince Harry have spent a lot of time together even though she lives in Toronto, Canada and he lives in the United Kingdom. It was reported that Prince Harry spends so much time with Meghan in Toronto that she had her house renovated to accommodate him when he visits. He recently spent Easter weekend with her, and she spent the first two months of the year with him. They recently met in Jamaica to attend the wedding of Harry's best friends. She has been invited to attend Pippa Middleton's wedding in May with Prince Harry. Many people believe they will become engaged soon.