Meghan Markle has been dating Prince Harry since last summer. The "Suits" actress is planning to move in with him and things seem to be going great between the two of them. Now Meghan's half-sister, Samantha Grant, wants to capitalize on her estranged sister's fame. Grant wants to launch her own Reality Television Show and write a tell-all book and call it "The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister." That's because she has accused Markle of being a pushy person and a social climber. Grant's goal is so obvious that her own daughter, Noel Rasmussen, confessed that her mother has a vendetta against Meghan.

Noel, who is estranged from Samantha, believes her mother is motivated by hatred for her half-sister.

Reality show

Samantha denies that she wants to disrespect Meghan in any way. Instead, she contends that she wants to honor her. She added that other members of her family are trying to get a show to talk about Meghan and Prince Harry's relationship. They have reached out to the media to get a deal, but so far Samantha is the only one who is close to launching a reality show.

It is hard to believe that Grant has pure motives because she and Markle don't even communicate. They reportedly haven't spoken to each other in nine years since Samantha was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008. She now gets around in a wheelchair because of the disease.

Grant wants fame for herself. It is a shame that Meghan's own family could be detrimental to her relationship with the royal family. A lot of sources believe Samantha wants to cash in on Meghan's fame.

Grant and Markle

Samantha and Meghan have the same father who is white, but not the same mother. Meghan's mother is black. Like her half-sister, Samantha is a former actress and model living in Florida.

Meghan is 35, and Samantha is 52. The older sister claims she raised the younger one for 12 years when she was growing up.

Samantha claims that Meghan is not "royal material." She says the royal family would be appalled if they knew who Meghan really is. It seems as if Samantha wants a platform where she can get back at the actress for not supporting her family financially after she became famous.

She reportedly said that if the truth came out about her, she would probably be dumped by Prince Harry. In a tweet last month, Samantha called her half-sister a hypocrite.

Meghan has not responded to Samantha's plans. Hopefully producers will discern what Samantha's motives are and will not approve a reality show for her. Maybe publishers won't publish Samantha's proposed tell-all book, either.