Ok, so we recently got the new, official plot summary description spoilers in for the upcoming CW hit drama, "Riverdale," episode 11 of the current season 1. They gave us a whole bunch of storyline scoops to go over, once again. They sound real interesting and dramatic as we'll be seeing Betty get real pissed off when she finds out that Veronica and Archie have been working with her mother, Alice! Jughead starts to wonder if he should second-think, giving his father another chance to do right by him, and more.

It's "To Riverdale and Back Again"

They also revealed what they've decided to name this episode.

It's called: "Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again." They began their synopsis by putting in, all-caps, that we'll see suspicions start to grow. After that, they tell us that we're going to see Betty, quite busy, having to oversee the big Homecoming and Reunion weekend festivities. However, her mother, Alice, is going to want her to help out with the Jason Blossom investigation. In light of that, she will seek out Archie and Veronica's help in the matter. Batty will, of course, eventually find out and get really pissed off about them, working with Alice. What will Betty do in response to this? Will she keep her cool? Or will she let her emotions get the better of her? Those are the big questions for this storyline.

Another chance

Next, they let us know that Jughead's father, FP is going to finally start getting his crap together, which will cause Jughead to start pondering whether or not he should give him another chance. Will Jughead actually go ahead and give him another shot,? Or will he decide to make FP wait even longer? They didn't let us know that in this description, so it looks like we'll have to wait for this episode to air, to get that interesting intel.

A new revelation

Elsewhere, we're going to see some more scenes that feature Polly and Cheryl in action. It turns out that they're both going to decide to honor Jason's memory by hitting up the big Homecoming event. However, their plans are going to get sidetracked by a new revelation. What will this big, secret revelation be that causes them to abandon their precious Jason's honor plans?

They didn't reveal that, but it certainly sounds quite serious. We'll definitely get some interesting scenes out of it.

Rethink the divorce

Lastly, we've got this last storyline scoop, which reveals that we'll be seeing Archie's dad, Fred, back in action with Mary. Apparently, they're going to go ahead and hit up the big Homecoming dance event, which is going to end up, causing Fred to actually rethink going through with the divorce! Is Fred really going to back out of the divorce? Or will this just be a momentary relapse due to the moment? That's another set of questions that weren't answered by this synopsis, so we'll have to wait to find out.

Additionally, they revealed that we have Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to thank for writing this script, and Kevin Sullivan for directing it.

Their press release also confirmed that episode 11 will not be airing next week, so that's a bit of bad news. Instead, we're going to have to wait until Thursday night, April 27th,2017 to see it. For some reason, next week is getting skipped over. Stay tuned.