Ever since Donald Trump announced his campaign for president nearly two years ago, the political landscape in the United States has been turned upside down. Political debate has now become a nightly routine, as liberals and conservatives clash, and even those who dismiss the idea of labels.

Cuban on Fox News

Once Donald Trump became a candidate for president, a whole new set of eyes shifted onto Washington. While the 2016 presidential election was already expected to command attention, it was Trump's entrance that took it to another level. Previously, most Americans could be divided into two groups as liberals sided with the Democrats, and conservatives gave their support to the Republicans.

Trump's campaign appeared to peak at a time when many voters were shunning political labels and party affiliation. There were those on the far-right splitting from the establishment Republican Party, while Trump supporters organically created their own wing on the right. When it came to the left, the emergence of Bernie Sanders pushed more traditional Democrats during the primary, as a crack was growing among liberals. With this firmly established, the debate over certain issues has a tendency to go into different directions and at unexpected times. During the April 18 edition of "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Fox News, a heated debate took place.

(The Cuban/Carlson exchange over being on the "left" starts at 4:00 in the above video.)

Joining Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night was billionaire owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, mark cuban.

As a well-respected business owner, Cuban was brought on the show to discuss the recent "Buy American, Hire American" executive order that was signed into law earlier in the day by Donald Trump. Those who support the president praised the order, but critics argue that it unfairly targets foreign workers.

However, the discussion took a totally different turn when Carlson accused Cuban of being a member of the "left."

Not part of the left

While discussing his thoughts about the executive order, Mark Cuban said "either you believe in capitalism, either you believe in the market economies, or you don't." In response, Tucker Carlson fired back, asking, "When did the left become addicted to market fundamentalism?" "No, no, no no, no!" Cuban fired back, before adding, "I’m not the left Tucker!" Not stopping there, Cuban added again "I'm not the left by a long shot!" while describing himself as an independent.

The Fox News host, looking a bit stunned and taken aback, ignored the billionaire and claimed that there were many ways to support the current economic system in the United States, stating, "capitalism is not a religion." While Cuban might not label himself as a member of the "left," his opposition to the current commander in chief is well-documented.