After three weeks of mounting pressure, it appears like the Fox News Channel is preparing to make a move in regards to popular host Bill O'Reilly and the Sexual Harassment scandal against him. With O'Reilly's days at the conservative network appearing to be coming to an end, the host has taped his legal team to create a questionable narrative surrounding his exit.

O'Reilly's theory

It was just three weeks ago when the New York Times ran an article about Bill O'Reilly that rocked the network in the process. The article revealed that O'Reilly had reached a $13 million settlement with five women, many of whom worked at Fox News, who accused him of various forms of sexual harassment.

The story comes at a particularity bad time for Fox News who are just one year removed from the fall-out of the Roger Ailes scandal, where the former CEO and founder of the network was accused of sexual assault. As expected, O'Reilly and Fox News have defended themselves from the allegations, but now the latest legal theory is raising questions. As reported by The Hill on April 18, it's not O'Reilly who is to blame for his career collapse, but rather vengeful liberals who are out to sabotage the veteran conservative talk show host.

In a statement released and first reported by CNN, Bill O'Reilly's legal team is attempting to deflect blame away from their client and onto liberals for the latest scandal in question.

According to O'Reilly's lawyer Marc E. Kasowitz, the Fox News host has been allegedly "subjected to a brutal campaign of character assassination that is unprecedented in post-McCarthyist America." The statement continues, claiming that a "smear campaign" has been uncovered that was put together by "far-left organizations" whose goal was to destroy the career of their target.

There's been no evidence or proof presented to back up the allegations, and as of press time, no further comment has been made by the legal team, or by Fox News.

Next step

On Tuesday night, New York Magazine reported that Fox News executives were "leaning" towards parting ways with Bill O'Reilly.

In addition, CNN later revealed that a "well-placed source" had confirmed that the network and the host have already begun speaking about a so-called "exit strategy. O'Reilly has been on vacation, but is scheduled to return next week. In light of recent events, it's unlikely that he returns to the air when scheduled, or anytime in the near future.