The guys on "The Bachelorette" and the girls on "The Bachelor" usually end up getting close when the shows are over. They run in the same circles, and a lot of them end up on "Bachelor in Paradise." Now three guys who were on "The Bachelorette" are living together in what they call the Bachelor Bungalow. This is a pretty good name for a house by the beach with these three guys in it.

Who is living with each other?

Robby Hayes and Chase McNary were living in Denver, but it turns out that they have moved out. They are now living with Jef Holm in his Venice Beach home.They were all there in LA for the taping of Nick Viall's special called "The Women Tell All." This is when it all started.

Robby explained it all to US Magazine saying, "We ended up after partying at his house. He said his two roommates were moving out and gave us the opportunity to move in.” They decided to take advantage of it, and now Robby and Chase are living with Jef. It worked out for everyone involved.

They know that being in LA is better for opportunities for them and Robby and Chase made the big move. They seem totally happy with their decision to do it, too. Hayes said that they are so close to the beach you can see the Venice Beach Pier out the window. It really does sound like Robby is excited to be by the beach instead of by the snow in Denver. It is a pretty big change for him. So far, Chase isn't speaking out about the move or what he is doing now that he is living in California.

When it comes to reality television, it doesn't sound like Robby Hayes is totally done with it either. He mentioned that the idea of going on "Bachelor in Paradise" is one that he is considering. It isn't a yes or a no right now, but he could end up showing up. The fans would love the chance to see Robby, Chase and Jef all three on the show at the same time.

Robby did admit that it stresses his mom out when she has to deal with the rumors and such, so he just isn't sure what to do. He did make it sound like he hasn't been asked just yet. They probably haven't even decided who all they want on the cast for the new season of the show.

Are you surprised to hear that Jef, Robby and Chase are now roommates?

Sound off in the comments section below and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelorette" starting on May 22 on ABC with Rachel Lindsay. There will also be a new season of "Bachelor in Paradise" coming this summer. You never know if any of these three guys will end up showing up on the new season of the show.