As tensions rise between the United State and North Korea, all eyes are on what the next step will be in the conflict between both nations. For Donald Trump, he's decided to continue to nudge China to make a move on the issue at hand.

Trump on Twitter

Earlier this month, Donald Trump decided to make a major move when it comes to carrying out his foreign policy. After Syrian President Bashar al-Assad carried out a chemical weapons attack on his own people, the former host of "The Apprentice" called on the United States military to launch 59 tomahawk cruise missiles at an airbase in Syria.

Just a week later, Trump ordered the military to drop the largest non-nuclear bomb in history on a tunnel in Afghanistan that has been used by the Islamic State (ISIS). While most nations around the world gave their support to the United States, several pushed back with criticism over Trump's decision. One country that was not pleased with the actions of the Trump administration was North Korea, who used the latest incidents as an excuse to continue their nuclear weapons testing. The vice foreign minister of North Korea also went on to scold Trump over his "dangerous" use of Twitter. Despite this, Trump voiced his frustration with North Korea during a April 21 Twitter rant, while also dragging China into the equation.

Taking to his Twitter account on Friday morning, Donald Trump added fuel to the fire in the ongoing three-way feud between the United States, North Korea, and China.

"China is very much the economic lifeline to North Korea so, while nothing is easy, if they want to solve the North Korean problem, they will," Trump tweeted, appearing to call out China for not doing enough to push back at North Korea.

Continuing conflict

Just two weeks ago, Donald Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jingping at his Mar-a-Lago private resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

The billionaire real estate mogul described their meeting as "great," while noting that China was offering to attempt to ease the tension with North Korea. While that might have been the case during the meeting, Trump doesn't appear pleased with Xi or how the nation has moved forward on the issue at hand.

Next up

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump put forward a proposed foreign policy that appeared different then those of his fellow Republicans, and Democratic counterparts. While the president vowed not to intervene in foreign wars and to back the United States military out of multiple conflicts, Trump is receiving backlash for betraying his promise on the campaign trail.