It seems to be a season of celebrity breakups. A few days after Janet Jackson separated from her Qatari billionaire husband, another legendary singer has broken up with her boyfriend. 47 year old singer Mariah Carey has called it quits with her month old boyfriend 33-year-old backup dancer Brian Tanaka. According to a source close to the couple, problems in their relationship started on St. Patricks day when during dinner Brian overheard Mariah Carey telling one of her friends that she was still very close with her ex-husband Nick Cannon.

This is reported to have angered Tanaka who apparently turned down the table causing drama at the Los Angeles hot spot catch.

The source goes further to add that Tanaka later stormed out of the room and came back with a waitress with whom he was flirting with getting Mariah infuriated.

Tanaka depicted as a joyrider

Several of Mariah’s friends have depicted Tanaka as a joyrider who was looking to ride on Mariah Carey’s fame. Sources add that the dancer was seeking to use Mariah’s fame to launch his music career and was hoping that the legendary singer would collaborate with him in debut single.

The source goes further to add that Tanaka used Mariah’s money as he never paid for anything. Amid the drama that was unfolding at the Los Angeles hot spot catch, Tanaka infuriated Mariah by ordering a lot of foodstuff on Mariah’s bill knowing too well that he would not consume them.

Nick Cannon reacts

Despite Nick being one of the reasons Mariah has split from Tanaka, he has distanced himself from the allegations claiming that he had too many issues in his relationship with girlfriend Britanny Bell with whom he is expecting a second son. Nick Cannon further added that Mariah will always be family to him since she was the mother of his twins Monroe and Morrocan aged 5.

A few weeks ago Nick had claimed that Mariah’s relationship with Tanaka was a publicity stunt and following the breakup, Nick has denied the allegations saying that the media misunderstood him.

Tanaka the comforter

Mariah started dating Tanaka in November 2016 shortly after her dramatic breakup with Australian billionaire James Packer.Packer had already proposed to Mariah a few months before but was reportedly fed up with Mariah’s lavish spending and closeness to Nick Cannon.

Tanaka was reportedly jealous of Packer and once asked Mariah indirectly before her break-up with Packer if she was going to get married to him. Shortly after the breakup, Tanaka became Mariah’s comforter, and they went on a vacation to Hawaii where they were spotted kissing.