Mariah Carey boasted that she keeps thin by superhuman willpower and a strict two-food-only diet. She isn't confident enough not to photoshop pics to erase fat. The Reality TV diva was cagey about actual weight loss and cosmetic surgeons speculated that it was more plastic surgery than diet and exercise. The "Mariah's World" star claims to follow a rigorous diet that no one else can follow.

Mariah Carey touts her extreme diet

The ex-girlfriend of James Packer claims to subsist on a combination of two odd foods: Norwegian smoked salmon and capers.

Doctors have wondered if she even follows the regimen, and they believe that breast implant surgery, liposuction and coolsculpting are responsible. Failing that, there's always photoshopping to make yourself look thinner.

Health experts warn of Mariah Carey diet

No one could imitate Carey's weird diet and no one should, say experts. Actually, you shouldn't follow any restrictive diet that has you eating only one or two foods for any length of time. Medical fasting can work if done properly. But few people do it right. Even gastric bypass surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan of reality television (TLC's "My 600-lb Life") doesn't recommend that his morbidly obese patients crash diet. Not eating leads to blood sugar problems and starvation binges.

Why does Mariah Carey eat those two foods?

The ex-wife of Nick Cannon worships thin and has notoriously wished to be as skinny as starving kids in Africa. She seems to think eating a limited diet will accomplish that. But why those two foods? Pickled capers contain little food value and tons of salt which causes swelling and water retention.

Vinegar is similar to alcohol and can cause alcoholic cravings. Smoked salmon is highly salted, processed and additive-laden with little protein. Carey's diet contains no fruits and vegetables for vitamins, no carbs or protein for metabolism or energy, and no dairy for minerals. Capers and lox may keep weight away but they won't keep the doctor at bay. They probably won't even help you lose weight.