After 17 long years, M. Night Shyamalan has finally revealed a sequel to his mind-boggling films, "Unbreakable" and "Split," titled "Glass." The upcoming film will end the trilogy.


On Wednesday, M. Night Shyamalan announced in a series of tweets information about his next movie. "Glass" will star Bruce Willis (David Dunn), Samuel L. Jackson (Mr. Glass/Elijah Price), James McAvoy (Kevin Wendle Crumb), and Anya Taylor-Joy (Casey Cooke). The movie will be produced by Blumhouse and Universal Pictures. "Glass" is set to release on January 18, 2019.

The title is derived from the name of Samuel L. Jackson's character in the first film "Unbreakable." James McAvoy will be reprising his role as the antagonist Kevin Wendle Crumb who is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, along with his 23 personalities. Anya Taylor-Joy is also starring in her role as the only girl who survived the kidnapping.

"Glass" will see the conclusion of "Split," following the Beast in a string of intensifying encounters. The hazy participation of Elijah Price (Jackson) surfaces as an arranger who knows secrets crucial to both Crumb and Dunn.

The film's producers includes M. Night Shyamalan and Jason Blumm. Both were also the producers of "The Visit." They will be joined by Marc Bienstock, Steven Schneider, and Ashwin Rajan, who will handle the executive production.


The film was released in 2000 following the success of "The Sixth Sense." Willis played the role of Dunn, a security guard who learned about his superhuman powers after surviving a train crash.

He discovered more about his powers through the help of Price, also known as Mr. Glass, who is a comic book store owner. The movie netted $248 million in worldwide ticket sales.


This movie was released in January 2017 and was a surprise hit. With a $9 million budget, "Split" earned $275 million in worldwide box office numbers, excluding Japan, which is yet to release the movie.

It is a mental thriller about a character with multiple personalities. In the last part of the movie, (spoiler), Willis was revealed, which gave away the hint that the two films somehow belong to the same universe.

In January 2017, the movie director and producer disclosed that the character of Kevin Wendle Crumb was originally included in the first draft of "Unbreakable" but was cut. Back then, M. Night Shyamalan was hoping he could write and direct a third movie that would include these characters from both films.