Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" has gained attention not only from teenagers who can relate to the storyline but to adults as well. It has also attracted criticism from mental health and psychology experts slamming the series for glorifying suicide and graphically depicting rape. While an online debate about the series is still ongoing, another speculation about the next series is hitting the web.

Season finale

Netflix has not yet officially confirmed that there is indeed a Season 2. However, the season finale has left viewers more questions than answers.

There were lots of loose ends that fans are convinced only a season 2 could answer. Among the nagging questions that viewers would like to get resolved include the possibility of Bryce answering to justice for the crimes he committed. Will Mr. Porter pay for the consequences of the rough handling of Hanna Baker's rape case? Will Alex be able to survive?

Season 2 theory

One theory suggests that "13 Reasons Why" season 2 will have a fairly disturbing yet completely twisted plot. According to the theory, there are several hints of Tyler possibly planning a school shooting. It looks as though Alex shot himself, but there are claims that he was apparently gunned down by Tyler.

Towards the end of the series, he was seen purchasing a gun.

By the season finale, he was shown with a box loaded with guns and ammunition. There was also a scene showing the bullied school photographer staring almost blankly at the pictures of his classmates dangling in his room. Tyler picked Alex's photo upon recalling an incident where Alex stood for him.

It is possible that Alex, troubled and feeling defeated, sought relief by committing suicide.

Most likely, Tyler has misinterpreted it and believed that shooting him will put him out of misery. The school photographer is gearing for a school shooting, and the act of removing the photo is his way of acknowledging Alex's kindness to him.

The heavily speculated season 2 theory for "13 Reasons Why" is about the school shooting, which is a very relevant and pressing social issue.

According to some theories, the second season will be the series' redemption in highlighting that suicide is never a solution to any problem. The first season's message was clear, and Hannah's ultimate goal was to encourage people to be more kind to each other. However, her plan backfired massively and it created effects opposing her intentions.