Just 6 days ago, multi-instrumentalist/electro-orchestral fusion artist, Celldweller, said in a streamed interview that his work on the new Transformers film's score was completed, while hinting that the score for the entire movie is nearing its full completion. While Celldweller was only working on certain aspects of the score, mostly the electronic, guitar, and production aspect, it goes without saying that Steve Jablonsky, who composed the scores for the franchise's first three films and most of Michael Bay's recent films, is undoubtedly getting close to fully completing the film's score – and just in time too.

An electronic artist for an electronic movie

The film is set to release in late June, about 2 months from now. If you know Celldweller at all, the film's score will no doubt be teeming with suspense, intensity, and excitement. Its plot will follow Optimus Prime, the beloved character we all know and love, who is trying to resurrect his dead home planet of Cybertron. To bring it back to life, he needs an ancient artifact, which is, of course, on Earth. If the past four films have taught us anything about the modern take on Transformers, it’s that this movie will be packed with action, an ancient powerful artifact, and a classic tale of good vs. evil.

Wrapping up the score

Steve Jablonsky was announced that he would score the film back in October, and Celldweller (A.K.A.

Klayton) announced on his YouTube channel back in February in a show titled "Ask Klayton" that he would be assisting in various aspects of the score's production. On April 20th, Andy Last interviewed with Klayton on his musical podcast show called "Beyond Synth," in which he plays Synthwave – a musical sub-genre that, in itself, is an homage to the classic synthesizer music from the 80's.

When asked about his various projects by Andy, Klayton responded: "I'm just wrapping up work on the new Transformers film right now. I'm doing all the synth programming, and guitar work, and some drums and stuff for the score for that movie."

Waiting in earnest

As we all patiently (or impatiently) wait for June 23rd to come around the corner, it's clear that the film will have a lot to offer its viewers and fans.

Many aspects of the film are being held constant, while other things are being switched up and moved around. Fans will just have to wait and see if those changes are worth the wait, but one thing is for sure: the score of the film will be finely tuned to the visual effects and that will make our favorite giant robot punching other giant robots that much more awesome.